Four Circles Learning currently offers presentations and workshops on the following themes/topics: (To view some of these presentations, go to “Links 2 My Stuff“)

Boys Will Be Boys: Inspiring Boys to Read for Life

Ever hear a boy say “I hate to read”?  There’s a reason for that. This can be an interactive ½ day workshop or a 1-hour introduction to empowering boys to become readers for life. We’ll challenge stereotypes associated with boys and reading and share successful strategies for inspiring boys to read. A look at the latest research on boys and literacy, including why it’s important for boys to read and what makes them different, will lay the foundation for examining strategies, programming options, and various types of reading media that engage boys (it doesn’t always have to be a book!). Librarians will learn how to modify a reader’s advisory interview with boys, parents will get tips on how to read with boys. I’ll share the elements of one successful Guys Read program and an often overlooked key ingredient for inspiring boys to read, and you can start creating a plan to get your whole community involved in getting boys to become readers for life.

Audience: Public and school librarians, teachers, parents

“Deb took an idea she heard about at a conference and turned it into the most dynamic, well-run, successful boys reading program I know of. And, from the first, she insisted that the boys be the worst readers in her middle school — she set the bar very high. She is bright, engaged, and the kind of can-do creator who is the real heart of any forward-looking organization.” – Marc Aronson , Editor and Author of nonfiction books

Web Tools for Learning & Teaching

I’ll tailor these workshops to your individual needs and explore a variety of tried-and-true as well as new web-based learning tools that can bring a new dimension to your own or your students’ learning experiences. We can focus on a specific subject area or explore tools you can use with all disciplines.


  • Powerful Presentations with Prezi – learn how to use Prezi, a free online presentation tool, to design powerful presentations and break the PowerPoint habit.
  • Wiki Wonders – creating collaborative spaces for learning using wikis
  • Hot Tools for Keeping Up with Technology – an overview a cool web tools, blogs, and sites than can help you keep up with tech trends, plus some step-by-step instruction on setting up a personal learning network.

She masterfully embraces technological advances, sharing and teaching them with students and peers. Her large knowledge base of social networking, web 2.0 tools, electronic equipment, etc. elevates her into the “movers and shakers” of the 21st century. Deb’s willingness to help and encourage others to learn is outstanding, placing her in an elite group of professionals.” -Sandy Nelson, Owner, Gretna Consultant Group

Learning for Life – Building Your Personal Learning Network

You are not alone. There are people and resources everywhere that can help you keep up with your profession and stay relevant in your career or help you to re-tool for a new career. It’s easier than ever to reach out and connect these days using social media tools and networks. Learn how to build your own personal learning network and manage it so you can be the best you can be at your work and still have a life, too. This can be an overview and introduction to a variety of tools and strategies or it can be a workshop focused on in-depth learning and practice with one or two specific social media tools.

“Deb is a stellar information professional and strives for perfection in every project. Her insightful and innovative style enhances her exemplary services to both internal and external customers.” – Phenessa Gray-Jones

Libraries, Nature, Community: How Libraries Can Build a Bioregional Identity by Connecting Children & Adults to Nature 

This presentation (45 min – 1 hr) or workshop (1/2 day) focuses on partnerships, strategies, and programs libraries can develop to connect their community with its natural resources and by doing so build advocacy for the library.

Blogging for Learning & Blogging for Libraries

For schools: Students who blog regularly as a part of  school are more engaged, more confident writers and learners. Learn why and how and when to use blogging to connect your students with the world.

For libraries: Why should libraries or librarians blog? This presentation highlights four reasons why libraries (and library staff members) should blog, demonstrates examples of library blogs around the world, shares some of the most popular blogging platforms, and gives tips and tricks for successful blogging.


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