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Nature-based literacy – building lifelong learning and connecting kids to nature

Nature-based literacy is combining reading with being outdoors, helping kids (and adults) develop a love for both, and nurturing a lifelong connection to nature and learning. Having been an environmental educator for more than 30 years and a librarian for … Continue reading

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Four Circles Learning Supports Reading with Matching Funds

Four Circles Learning is putting its money where its mission is… helping people learn to love learning – and this time it’s for kids. Kids need books – good books – to read so they learn to love reading, and … Continue reading

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Don’t Let This Be Your Library

The Sunday comics today had a Pearls Before Swine strip that puts a different kind of spin on some library policies and the way we relate to our patrons. Take a look: Could this be your library’s way of communicating … Continue reading

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What Do Boys Want in Books?

and… short books, non-fiction, humor, biographies, extremes. Learn more at Real Men Read with Kids .

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More Martial Arts Books for Kids

I got so much positive response from yesterday’s post listing select martial arts books for kids, that I decided it was worth adding to that list. Here are some newer (mostly) books, both fiction and non-fiction, that should appeal to … Continue reading

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Martial Arts Books for Kids

Lots of kids take karate or taekwondo classes after school. How about connecting their love for the martial arts and movement with reading? Here’s a starter list of books that might get your little karate kid to turn into a … Continue reading

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