About Four Circles

Learning is not a product of teaching; kids are born learning. They learn how to walk, how to talk. They’re basically little scientists. If we don’t stop that process, it will continue.”  ~ Grace Llewellyn

Four Circles Learning provides consulting services and professional development training focused on helping people in organizations develop the learning dispositions, skills, and tools needed to stay relevant in the 21st century.

Four Circles Learning is founded on these principles:

  • individuals can develop new dispositions and skills to continue learning throughout life
  • connecting with nature helps people learn and live healthier, happier lives
  • everyone needs unstructured time to learn, play, create

We can help with outdoor and environmental education programming, curriculum design, getting boys to read, Web 2.0 and social media tools for learning, grant-writing, and more.

The Four Circles Learning approach is the basis for all our workshops and presentations. The purpose of this approach is to provide you with skills and tools to:

1. become a centered, powerful learner
2. make connections that amplify learning and experience
3. turn change into opportunity
4. add value to your work and life

The Four Circles approach leads participants to Open, Connect, Learn, and Act.  Our logo circles overlap to show how each phase connects and leads to the others, each equally valuable for personal and professional growth. You can learn more about why we chose four circles here.

Four Circles Learning serves schools, school districts, libraries and library consortia, non-profits, and any other organizations that want to empower their employees or students with skills and tools needed to meet the demand of an ever-changing world. For more information, contact fourcircleslearning@gmail.com.


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