Pam Moran: Let’s Bring Back Environmental Education

Me, at work, with a group of homeschoolers...

My lifelong mentor and world renowned environmental educator, Bill Hammond, taught me that if I was gonna be against something, then I had to decide what I was  for and fight for that! Being for something makes you really think about your values and your will to make it happen.

Pam Moran, an educator whom I admire, gets that. She shares what she’s for in this elegant post for bringing back Environmental Education. All schools, but especially public schools, should make EE a priority.

I couldn’t agree with her more… here’s her post: More than Earth Day: Let’s Bring Back Environmental Education.

What are your thoughts about EE in schools?


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3 Responses to Pam Moran: Let’s Bring Back Environmental Education

  1. kateellen715 says:

    Thanks for highlighting this article. Kids need to be outdoors to gain a context for understanding why it’s important to take care of the Earth and how things grow and change. It’s a great avenue for exploration and scientific discovery. At the end of the day, it might be harder to measure, but it will help with those tests.

    • Deb Hanson says:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about those tests…when I taught middle school science my students were outdoors, doing research, going on field trips, getting actively involved in projects, rather than “preparing for the test”. Their test scores were always way above the district and state averages! And they enjoyed school 🙂

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