Four Circles Learning Supports Reading with Matching Funds

Four Circles Learning is putting its money where its mission is… helping people learn to love learning – and this time it’s for kids. Kids need books – good books – to read so they learn to love reading, and we are committed to helping schools get the books they need.

We’re challenging southwest Florida community members, businesses,  Bayshore Elementary parents (and the businesses they work for) to give donations specifically for books for the Bayshore Buccaneers media center during their “Funds 4 Books” fundraiser in cooperation with Mackin.  The online donation page is up and running today, September 7th through November 2nd. Four Circles Learning will donate up to $300, matching donations made by parents and other businesses. Are you willing to match an additional $300 or more?

Won’t you help out? All you have to do is click on the Bayshore Elementary link above and go to their Funds 4 Books page… Library books cost about $25 each, including processing with labels, so every $$ helps, and the kids win with every new book we help to purchase!

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