Learning never ends…

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Michael Smith over at the Principal’s Page does a consistently fabulous job of creating short poignant blog posts about learning, education, and related things… today’s post about Generation Z is exceptional and spot-on… here’s an exerpt:

They don’t need us.

The don’t need brick buildings that are only open 7 hours a day.

They have the internet.

And curiosity.

They’re going to learn with or without our help.

And the learning process is not going to stop for them after 8th grade.  Or high school.  Or even college.

They’re smarter than us right now.

And they’re going to be a lot smarter than us in 50  years.

The future isn’t coming, it’s already arrived.

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Always a learner...an endless seeker... educator, biologist, dreamer, innovator, mom, wife... Located in Portland, OR.
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3 Responses to Learning never ends…

  1. debshuler says:

    Hi Deb,
    Mr. Smith was so on target with his post.
    I teach in high school and teaching and learning are changing so rapidly. The future is here!
    I am new to WP and was just browsing and looking for ideas. Love your layout!

    • Deb Hanson says:

      Thanks Deb. You are so right. Teaching and learning are changing fast and it’s tough to keep pace, but our students deserve the best we can offer them, including a balance of high tech, face to face, and high-touch experiential and outdoor learning opportunities. What do you teach?

  2. debshuler says:

    I have been teaching Spanish for 21 years at the same high school from which I graduated. It amazes me to see the changes that have occurred and the possibilities that exist in education. It’s an exciting time to be a teacher!

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