Google Reader Bundles Make Sharing Resources Easy

A great way to easily find and share resources is through Google Reader Bundles. You can create them, share them, and subscribe to other people’s bundles using the “Browse for Stuff” feature in Google Reader.  If you have followers or if you set your Reader settings to “share publicly”, then your followers or anyone can find and subscribe to your bundles.

I made a couple bundles today, and expect I’ll add to them and edit them regularly:

Techy Library Blogs – bundles most of the techy library blogs listed in my last post plus a couple new ones.

Keeping Up with Tech Trends – bundles some trendy blogs and web sites that help keep pace with tech changes.

You can subscribe to the bundles when you click on the links above. Simple. Easy to share.

Have you made any bundles? What are some of your favorite Google Reader bundles related to learning or libraries?


About Deb Hanson

Always a endless seeker... educator, biologist, dreamer, innovator, mom, wife... Located in Portland, OR.
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One Response to Google Reader Bundles Make Sharing Resources Easy

  1. debshuler says:

    Love the “Write Your Own Obituary.” Shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Thought provoking!

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