Prezi Just Keeps Getting Better

I discovered Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint about a year and a half ago. I love this presentation tool. It’s easy to use, fun to show, and breaks away from the linear, boring slides of PowerPoint. The folks at Prezi continue to improve its functionality, and the latest tweak is a redesigned Transformation Zebra. The Zebra is the tool that allows you to rotate, resize, and move your text and objects around the canvas. The new Zebra has plus and minus symbols for resizing and an arrow showing the rotation, making it easier to make edits (Now you don’t have to memorize which ring to grab to change something!). Nice touch. Keep it up, Prezi.

Here’s a demo of how it works:


About Deb Hanson

Always a endless seeker... educator, biologist, dreamer, innovator, mom, wife... Located in Portland, OR.
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