March 9 – Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

It’s World Read-Aloud Day – a day to celebrate reading and combat illiteracy by reading a favorite book, poem, story, article, anything aloud to someone else. The day is sponsored by LitWorld, a NY-based literacy organization. The goal is to get people to read to each other and “reach a goal of 774 million minutes of reading to honor the 774 million people worldwide who are illiterate”.

See what some authors and schools are doing over at the School Library Journal blog.

This is a great opportunity to grab a favorite book or article and share it with a friend. Kids especially love to be read to and so here’s a good excuse for you to fill that need and share something you’re passionate about at the same time.

I’ll be sharing one of my favorite stories from author and aikido master Tom Crum’s Journey to Center.

What will you read aloud to someone else today?


About Deb Hanson

Always a endless seeker... educator, biologist, dreamer, innovator, mom, wife... Located in Portland, OR.
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2 Responses to March 9 – Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

  1. Margarita M. Reyes Torres says:

    How and where can I find Posters for worl reading aloud day. I Live in Colombia, La Guajira.

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