More Martial Arts Books for Kids

I got so much positive response from yesterday’s post listing select martial arts books for kids, that I decided it was worth adding to that list. Here are some newer (mostly) books, both fiction and non-fiction, that should appeal to kids who live and love the martial arts and a good adventure.

Fiction Books

Japanese Ninja Surprise: Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventure Book 3; by Sara Pennypacker (2009) Grades 2 – 4. Stanley and his brother decide to send their favorite movie star, Oda Nobu, Stanley himself! Soon, Flat Stanley is in Japan, with his idol and encountering trouble along the way.

Hardy Boys: Martial Law by Franklin Dixon (2006). Grades 3 – 6 . The Hardy boys are ona mission: “To determine whether there’s a connection between injuries sustained by two students at the Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Center. One student was beaten; the other simply collapsed on the floor of the school.”

Way of the Warrior (2009) by Chris Bradford. Young Samurai series. Grades 5 – 8. Rdg level 6.  Jack is left for dead off the coast of 17th century Japan after his father is killed aboard a British vessel and leaves Jack with secret maps to protect. Jack is taken in and adopted by Masamoto,a samurai, who teaches him about the culture and how to defend himself. Riveting story full of action and emotion. The adventure continues in Way of the Sword (2010) where Jack faces prejudice and enemies from his samurai school and must enter and survive the Circle of Three. The only way to survive is to master the Way of the Sword.

Twisted Journeys: Kung Fu Master by Evonne Tsang (2009). ISBN 9780822588801. Gr. 4 – 7. This is a graphic novel-text hybrid book that allows the reader to decide the path that leads through the adventure set in ancient China. Complete with bandits, ghosts, and other dangers.

Noguchi the Samurai by Burt Konzak (1994). ISBN    9781895555547.  K – 4th gr. A picture book about Noguchi, a bully who is being mean to all the passengers on a ship. But the elderly samurai aboard uses his wits to teach Noguchi the true meaning of being a samurai.


Abdo Publishers has a 10-book series (2008) called The World of Martial Arts by Jim Ollhoff. Each book has big color photos and introduces kids to a specific aspect or art while exploring the history, geography, culture, and even politics. The books in the series are: Grappling, Karate, Kung Fu, Martial Arts Around the Globe, Martial Arts Movies, Masters & Heroes, Ninja, Samurai, Sport Karate, and Weapons. For 4th – 9th grades.

Chelsea Clubhouse has published a 4-volume set by Paul Collins called Martial Arts (2005) ISBN: 978-0-7910-6880-9. The four books are: Karate, Kendo, Ninjutsu, and Samurai. Includes basic principles and etiquette, techniques and how to choose a club. 32 pp. each. Grades 3 – 5. All have AR quizzes.

High Flying Martial Arts – A Bobbie Kalman book by John Crossingham (2008) ISBN: 9780778731405  Introduces kids to a variety of martial arts and explains the differences between them, with fabulous color photos. 32 p. K – 4th gr.

Happy reading, little samurais!


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2 Responses to More Martial Arts Books for Kids

  1. Deb Hanson says:

    Here’s another interesting series: The Samauri Mysteries (series) by Thomas & Dorothy Hoobler.

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