The Next Web

People don’t just “surf” the web anymore. We create content and publish it for all the world to see – from home, from work, from school, and on the fly using mobile devices – about just about anything and everything. Just take a minute to watch these stats as they change on Gary Hayes’ Social Media Counter.

What does this say about today’s consumers, businesses, learners, teachers, kids? How can these stats inform our practice as educators, information specialists, students, business leaders, citizens?

How does using the web in this way change how we learn and how we contribute to the world?

Does it open us up to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new experiences? Does it scare us? Does it help us?

How can we best use the power of these new technologies and ways of knowing and sharing to help us learn and grow?

It’s not about the tools as much as it is about the collaboration, the community, the sharing. The the next iteration of the Web is being created by its users, and this very act is transforming the conditions for learning. Are you ready?


About Deb Hanson

Always a endless seeker... educator, biologist, dreamer, innovator, mom, wife... Located in Portland, OR.
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